Our Vision...

Began when we joined the amazing Instagram community through our page @mila.and.koda. Mum's plan was simple. Spam all her friends with dog photos in a safe place, free of judgement. This took a sudden stop, drop and roll into influencer land and before we knew it we had a few thousand followers and discount codes to share with our community. 

When we first started working with small businesses we were thrilled. Thrilled that they trusted us with their brands and their products. That they wanted us to be involved in their growth, development, to share creative ideas and to join their families.

The more amazing boss babes we met, the more we realised.....we wanted to be one of them. 

I knew there was something missing from my everyday dog owner items. I found it more so glaring obvious when I started taking Mila to puppy school. I would arrive with our mat, water, phone, keys and Mila in tow (or more that she was towing me!)

I never had enough hands.


I watched many a trainer with their silicone bum bag, an owner with their little pouch keyring or worse, a snap lock bag filled with treats. I had a few thoughts on the above sightings: 

1) Silicone - easy to clean, looks hideous.

2) Little Treat Bags - cute; but you're going to need more than a handful of treats to get through an hour of dog training.

3) Snap Lock Bags - so dang wasteful!

I needed a solution, but I didn't want it to be ordinary.

You see, I wanted a bag I could take EVERYWHERE. Not just on active walks or runs, but to the cute coffee club down the road or to the pet-friendly outdoor bar.

So I created one!

Mila Meets Koda was born to combine fashion and function. As we like to say, our bags are the perfect way to meet and treat!

We are so excited to share our brand with you and hope you love it as much as we do!

All our love,

Mila, Koda and Maigan (Maigs) xx